Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

unsecured-lines-of-creditHonest Credit Talk from an Honest Provider

Even for those companies operating firmly in the black, the safety and security of a business line of credit is often needed. Yet with so many credit providers out there promising you the moon with their credit products, how will you know which one to choose in order to avoid being delivered merely the stars? The answer is simple: trust in the provider that is straightforward in its credit offerings.

Our Credit Benefits

We at Barrington Commercial Capital offer such straightforward talk. Our unsecured business lines of credit offer you terrific benefits without having to snare you with promotional offers. Here are just some of those benefits:

  • A-Paper products with excellent rates
  • 0 percent introductory offers
  • 1-5 percent rates over prime for companies needing large credit lines

With our products, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a terrific rate once you qualify. Large companies with revenues between $1 million and $10 million can get up to $500,000 in credit while smaller startups can get up to $100,000 depending on their business credit profiles.

We abandoned the need to pull clients in through gimmick promotions long ago. Our belief in offering only high-quality credit products to those who qualify has allowed us to help countless companies to secure their financial stability. If you’re in need of such security, consider our unsecured business lines of credit. You can rest assured that we’ll deliver on the promises we make to you. To learn more about this particular financial tool, just give us a call today.