Structured Settlement & Annuity Financing

Enjoy the Benefits of Annuity Financing

Many an individual and a company has hit bottom waiting for the funds from a future asset to materialize. If you’re currently receiving disbursements from an annuity or structured settlement, the monthly income that those accounts provide is nice. Yet what of you were in need of the total amount right now? You may fear that withdrawing it all would leave you subject to paying high surrender fees. We here at Barrington Commercial Capital are here to help you avoid such hassles.

Our Process

annuity-financingWe offer annuity financing options that allow you access to the full value of your settlements and annuities right away. The best part is that our program also allows you to avoid early withdrawal fees. Here’s how:

  • You provide us with the information relevant to your account and the company that’s administering it.
  • We then gather the necessary information on order to assume your payments.
  • You make the decision to sell either a portion of or your entire monthly payment to us.
  • You then enjoy the extra money to promote either your personal or professional development, while we collect our retained portion of your payment.

All of this is done in a fast and timely manner, allowing you access to needed cash that much quicker.

There’s currently tens of millions of dollars locked up in future assets right now. Many aren’t enjoying the immediate benefits of those funds simply because they don’t know how to get easy access to them. We here at Barrington Commercial Capital can provide you with that access. To find out how, simply call and speak with one of our financial experts today.