Project Financing

Solutions for Complex Project Financing Management

Barrington Commercial Capital has years of experience assisting companies with large project financing. Our team of project finance specialists has the expertise to structure a solution for complex endeavors that require expert management. We maintain an alliance with capital partners interested in large-scale investments, providing you with the extensive capital necessary to complete your plans.

project-financingLarge Project Financing With Barrington Commercial Capital

We have the resources to provide you with $1 million to $50 million for your project. We have years of experience handling the complexities of large projects and can structure a funding solution that supports your endeavor over the different phases of the project.

Barrington Commercial Capital will analyze your business plans and secure the appropriate funds for your project no matter the scale or timeline. We will determine the best funding solution from the following types of financing:

  • Venture Capital: Private equity for start-up development or initial expansion
  • Energy Financing: Large projects in the energy industry
  • Equity Financing: Finance solutions from our capital partners
  • Mezzanine Financing: Financing based on company assets
  • Debt Financing: Loans for large project requiring collateral security

Ask a Financial Specialist About Financing Your Large Business Project

Our team of financial specialists can provide you with a no-cost analysis of the finances related to your large project. Contact Barrington Commercial Capital to get started on a finance plan for your project today.